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Alumni of Department of Communication Arts Have Received Many Awards and Honors
According to Dr. Tao-Ming Cheng, President of CYUT, The Department of Communication Arts has spared no effort to achieve the goal of training outstanding manpower for industry. CYUT alumni not only took part in the production team of director Ang Lee’s film “Life of Pi” but also won prizes from Cannes Film Festival and Taiwan’s Golden Horse Award. Because CYUT intensifies the cultivation of practical abilities, many Malaysian students have known this charismatic university and are attracted to study. In addition to communication, CYUT students stand out in fields of invention and innovation, For example, Zi-Yi Lim, a Malaysian students in CYUT’s Information Management Ph.D. Program, has already participated in many international exhibitions of invention, such a s iENA Nuremberg, Korea’s SIIF, Malaysia’s ITEX, and TAITRA, and has won five silver and two bronze medals. Recently, he received Outstanding Technical and Vocational Education Award from the Ministry of Education.
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