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Malaysian Students Display Innovation and Entrepreneurship In Taiwan
David Suit-Wing Chen, another Malaysian student at CYUT, graduated from the master’s program of the Department of Industrial Design and teamed up with his classmates to establish a new brand “SURE Packaging.” At first, they rented a small studio near CYUT. However, due to their originality and innovation, they constantly improve traditional take-out paper bags and successfully sell more than 100,000 bags evert month.
According to Dr. Wen-Der Yu, Assistant Vice President and Dean of International and Cross Strait Cooperation at CYUT, compared with universities in Mainland China, universities of technology in Taiwan enjoy a laissez-faire academic freedom and practical skills. They provide students in Taiwan with a wonderful stage of innovation and entrepreneurship. CYUT has already been on the list of the Times Top 1000+ Universities in World University Rankings and Top 350 universities that CYUT stands out among universities in Taiwan and every outstanding student knows it.”
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