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CYUT receives international recognition in early childhood music education
In 2007 CYUT established Taiwan's first music center for early childhood education. The center has been the leader in the field since. Recently, Prof. Ling-yu Lee, of Dept. of Early Childhood Development and Education, has represented the University to sign the cooperation contract with a well-known special music education center (Special Music Centre Resonaari ) in Finland, promoting multi-senses music education for children to a global stage.
Prof. Lee has composed music with various frequencies, scales and vibrations. Through singing and body movements, she teaches children to activate sensors to play the music. Accompanied with music and lights, young learners dance, explore and internalize the experiences.
The Dept. of Early Childhood Development and Education has cooperated with varied universities overseas, such as VIA University in Denmark, Transnational University Limburg in Belgium and The Hague University (THU) in Netherland.
Under Prof. Lee's guidance, some of the students have opportunities to work at Hailun Piano Co., Ltd. in Ningbo, China; the cooperation has provided a platform of internship and employment for students, enabling them to find jobs before graduation.
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