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2017 Taipei World University Competition will debut in August , the official torch of key technology is developed by CYUT
"2017 Taipei World University Competition (29th Summer Universiade)" will debut in August. The pilot lamp ignition ceremony is expected to be held on June 20 in Turin, Italy and the flame will be relayed around the world. Polar adventurer Yi-Jie Lin hailed the flame as "the most powerful torch ever." The top of the torch shows Taiwan’s latest innovation, research, and development. Also, the pilot lamp uses special eco-friendly fuel with enhanced safety features. It has extremely high-security features which makes it ideal to bring it on the plane. One of the key technologies is developed by Chaoyang University of Technology (CYUT).
Prof. Tao-Ming Cheng, the president of CYUT, said “The official torch, mother flame lantern and cauldron were designed by Jimmy Chang, the creative director of “UID Create Ltd.”, who is not only one of Taiwan's top designers but also the Distinguished Alumni of CYUT Industrial Design Department. Prof. We-Long Chen and Wei-Cheng Wu from the Industrial Design Department of CYUT said that one of the developments is the non-patent stainless steel candle core system that can replace the traditional cotton quality core system with life that can last up to 2,000 hours and above without being replaced. The fuel itself will extinguish the flames so it is very safe. The Universiade torch features a minimalist design with a torch base made of bamboo, giving it a traditional look that is combined with Taiwan’s unique flare.
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