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The team of CYUT Design College was awarded Red Dot Best of the Best
The Red Dot: Product Design Award, an award commonly referred to as the Design Oscar, announced the awards recently. CYUT won six Red Dot Convey Design Awards and one Red Dot Concept Design Award among over 7,000 works. Besides, this is the second year that our team was awarded Red Dot Best of the Best. CYUT team stands out as the pride of Taiwan.
Sheng-Rong Ou, Dean of Design College, said, the work “Steamblood,” is the co-invention of four students from Hong Kong and is guided and supervised by Prof. Gui-Tuo Wang. It shows the important issue of social responsibility by using the topic of blood donation. This work was awarded the 2017 Red Dot Best of the Best.
Besides, the team of Department of Industrial Design also “Twin Double” won the Red Dot Concept Design Award. The core technique is carpentry, combined with visual illusion, to create a double two-seated chair. By the back-to-back contacts between two persons, the work creates mutual interactions, saves a lot of space, and develops double-faced chairs in different situations.
President Tao-Ming Cheng said, CYUT is committed to promoting “Originality, Innovation, Entrepreneurship –Three Creation Education” and has won nearly 20 Red Dot Awards in the past three years. CYUT continues to teach students with innovation and renovation perspectives, to work closely with the industry chain, and to cultivate more talents required by the enterprise.
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