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The outstanding achievements of CYUT have attracted attention
Since 2006, Ministry of Education has been promoting the University of Science and Technology Program for more than 10 years and the Joint Achievement Exhibition was held from 26th to 27th August.
It is hoped that parents and students will have a better understanding of the characteristics of technical and vocational education. Among them, CYUT innovative professional materials received a lot of attention, attracting many parents and students to visit.
Song-Qi Hsu, Dean of Research and Development Office, said, “Applied Forklift Truck Calibration Function of Image Identification System” in the exhibition is developed by the team of Information and Communication Engineering Dept.
Due to the fact that forklift trucks tend to place goods too high, the operators sometimes have difficulty matching forks and pallets accurately and lead to accidents; therefore, students combine the built-in camera images as well as images recognition technique to provide operators with accurate images and positioning information as a way to effectively improve the safety and handling of forklift trucks in large warehousing and this technique can also reduce the damage and accidents. The innovation is full of potentiality, and won the Gold Medal in 2017 Malaysia ITEX International Invention Exhibition.
Tao-Ming Cheng, president of CYUT, said that the school's 2006-2017 teaching excellence program has been subsidized by Ministry of Education for 12 consecutive years. In addition, after many years of well-organized “Three Creation Education,” CYUT students stand out in many global international invention exhibitions.
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