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The first Incubator of Taiwan started in Taichung Science Park
With the rapid development of entrepreneurship, new companies have become indispensable engines to upgrade global competition and economic growth. Taiwan Incubator—set up by Taiwan Innovation and Development Alliance, Feng-Chia University , Chaoyang University of Technology, and Taiwan Accelerator—was launched in the Central Science Park and became the first investment-oriented incubator with private capital in Taiwan.
Taiwan Incubator was officially launched. Wen-Guang Yang, Vice President of Chaoyang University of Technology, said Taiwan Incubator is the first investment-oriented incubator with private capital in Taiwan. It not only assists new entrepreneurs with semi-public service model but also invests on their guided team with a view to initiating early investment and intensifying real capital cultivation.

Su-Jiuan Liu, associate dean of CYUT Industrial and Academic Cooperation and Supervisor of Incubation Center, said incubators and accelerators assist start-up companies but both are slightly different. Incubators provide entrepreneurs with services of consult, legal advice, management, finance, and fundraising. In other words, incubators help entrepreneurs survive highly competitive environment.
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