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The Delegations of CYUT have won the prizes in the 29th Malaysia ITEX International Invention & Innovation Technology Exhibition 2018
The 29th Malaysia ITEX International Invention & Innovation Technology Exhibition 2018 announced the winners on May 11th in Kuala Lumpur. More than 1,000 teams from 20 countries participated in the competition this year. Under the leadership of Chaoyang University of Technology (CYUT) and the World Federation of Invention & Intellectual Property Federation, the delegations of Taiwan lived up to the expectations and won 25 gold, 56 silver, and 20 bronze medals, among which 2 gold and 4 silver medals belong to six works from Chaoyang University of Technology.
“Meow-Recognition Feeder,” the work from Department of Information and Communication Engineering, won a Gold Medal due to its creativity. Nien-Ting Huang, inventor of the work, said this originality was to help a lot of cat owners. Many pet owners come home late and their pets have to stay hungry. When cats are hungry, they will make the sound of meow and search for food. Thus, by taking advantage of sound-activating equipment, Meow-Recognition Feeder can give cats food and cat owners don’t have to worry about their cats. Besides, the built-in synchronized infrared sensor can prevent the Feeder from misjudging the cat sound of hunger and its sound of play to provide more food. In the future, this Feeder can also be used to help owners with different pets. This invention has great market potentials.
Tao-Ming Cheng, president of Chaoyang University of Technology, said that since the establishment of Entrepreneurship and Creativity Business Development Center, many works from teachers and students of CYUT have aroused the attention in many international invention exhibitions. So far, CYUT has already won 63 gold, 90 silver, 37 bronze, and 37 special medals. Our potentialities are incredible. During this year, teachers and students of CYUT have had outstanding performance in designing works of originality and innovation. In addition to winning gold medals in many international competitions, CYUT teams also have won medals in the fields of entrepreneurship and commercialization and CYUT Business Incubation Center will help and guide those student winners to start their own business.
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