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Students Weeded for Jifong Community
In the early morning, a group of students at Chaoyang University of Technology
were busy weeding in the Jifong athletic field at Wufong. Students Association
launched a campaign of returning a favor to the community during the service week.
Since December 4, Students Association and the other 13 students clubs spent a week
on weeding for Jifong community, recycling, arranging free health check-ups and
evening parties. Ping-Hsuan Zhan, President of Students Association, indicated that
people thought the college students liked to party. Actually, the students at CYUT
are all good-hearted and love social service. Moreover, CYUT is located in Jifong
community at Wufong and the college students have the community service at heart.
The residents at Jifong were unable to enjoy their leisure time because the park
was overgrown with weeds; therefore, the students at CYUT decided to spend a week
removing weeds together for the community.
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