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International Ph.D. program w/ full scholarship in CYUT.

International Ph.D. program w/ full scholarship in CYUT.     


     Good News for Ph.D. applicants from India! Starting 2015,  CYUT exclusively offers a full scholarship program to nurture outstanding International Ph.D. Students. For those who are interested in this new program, please refer to the following information. More details can also be found in the following link.

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     The Ph.D. program in Civil Engineering, Information Management, and Biochemical Sciences at Chaoyang University of Technology (CYUT) is multifaceted with both in-depth subject study and interdisciplinary approach that has become an essential feature of modern science. CYUT provides the necessary modern research training for Ph.D. students beyond the basic degree. CYUT has a first-class research/teaching faculty having practical advising style and their personality mesh very well with the Ph.D. students. CYUT faculty members nurture the Ph.D. students’ passion for science and encourage them to take up challenging tasks those are truly the frontier of science. The research facilities at CYUT are worthy and researcher can access all the resources they can dream of. For instance, Ph.D. students can buy whatever research materials they need for their research as long as they can justify the purchase to their supervisor. Factors considered as part of the assessment include: student's ability and progress; suitability of the student's project for a Ph.D.; feasibility of achieving the projected aims within the period; and the academic suitability of the project in relationship to the requirements for the doctoral Degree. Ph.D. students can expose themselves to a diversity of research fields and methodologies. Additionally, active and continual cooperation with the industry and related research projects are undertaken, and CYUT students’ internship has been planned more efficiently through the cooperation with industry that provides the students with practical experience. Ph.D. students in CYUT can benefit from the best of both worlds: a flexible, supportive program that stresses individualized training and a diverse research environment that is rich in intellectual and technical resources.

     The students of CYUT are extremely well organized, but at the same time very relaxed. Things get done, but don’t feel any stress. Taiwanese are kind, friendly and helpful. Foreigners can adapt quite well to life in Taiwan and feel it as their new hometown. Particularly, Taichung where CYUT is located, is a beautiful city with its pleasant climate, educational and cultural heritages, and has been rated as one of the most livable cities in the world. You can make friends in Taiwan and will keep for life.

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