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Cross-Department Team Won MOE Micro-Film Golden Innovation Award
  • Micro-Film Golden Innovation Award

     About 14 years ago, teacher Miki from Department of Early Childhood Development and Education recruited students who were interested in dramas and music and formed a team called Mui Mui. She has given them extra-training every Thursday and more than 70 brilliant students have been trained and remained competitive after graduation. To make this training story more popular, Department of Communication Arts featured the story of Miki and made a micro-film called Thursday Music Class. In MOE’s campaign—Micro-Film Competition for Personnel Training and Enlightening—our team was awarded Golden Innovation Award and NT$100,000 from highly competitive participants of 43 teams and 266 persons. This delicate film delineates the 14-year teaching enthusiasm of Miki and how students are deeply influenced. Students from Department of Early Childhood Development and Education are also given training of music and artistic talents, which makes them globally competitive in their childhood education career in Australia, Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia.

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