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Loss-prevention USB Flash Drive: a Breakthrough innovation
  • USB Flash Drive: a Breakthrough innovation

     USB Flash Drive is a convenient product of technology; however, due to its small size, USB Flash Drive, after access of information, is usually left on the USB port and some important data will be stolen. In order to prevent this situation, Cheng Wei-Cheng and Lin Zi-Yi, students from our master programs in Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, developed a “highly safe loss-prevention USB Flash Drive.” A user’s smart phone can be connected with the built-in Bluetooth Module in the USB Flash Drive. When the user leaves the computer for a given distance, his/her smart phone will disconnect with the USB Flash Drive and information access will be denied. Even though the user forgets to take USB Flash Drive away, all data are anti-theft. This invention won Silver Medal in Seoul International Invention Award 2015. Adviser Liao Hsien-Chou said that this invention takes advantage of sound, vibration, and message to prevent users from losing data by the interaction between the user’s smart phone and his/her USB Flash Drive. The smart phone’s GPS signal can also locate the USB Flash Drive and find it. Not only can this invention be used to find out the lost USB Flash Drive, but this invention can also find out lost children and golden agers by putting a USB Flash Drive inside the bag or pocket of a given person. It is multi-functional.       


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