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Cooperated with Greener Grass Production, CYUT stirred the snowstorm of Red Clothes
  • CYUT stirred the snowstorm of Red Clothes

     After the mini-film Wake Up got the Best Mini-Film TV Award, the Best Directing, the Best Screenplay Award, and the Best Supporting Actor in the 50th Golden Bell Awards, Greener Grass Production is now cooperating with CYUT to promote Workshop of Genre Film Technical Innovation with a view to instructing our students to make films. This is a breakthrough on the campus around all universities here in Taiwan. This workshop has tried to find out excellent students in different genre films, such as documentary, comedy, romance, action, horror movie, science fiction, etc. The shooting crew in different film companies offers various opportunities to incorporate students in their internship and careers. This is a close connection between academic field and industry. Last year, the Micro-Film Invention Center in CYUT made a film called The Inheritance of Love in Taichung and entered the best six films in Mainland China’s Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Festival. In the second phase of 48-hour rapid film making, the film Dream Searching got the Best Group Cooperation Award and we hope that Red Clothes will show the promising potentiality of CYUT students.   


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