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CYUT’s Honesty Store opened: a campus corner for benevolent donation
  • CYUT’s Honesty Store opened

     For years of preparation, CYUT’s Honesty Store opened and the majority of goods on shelves are CYUT’s souvenirs and donations from faculty members and students. This is a platform for exchange and circulations of various goods and all of the money gained will be used for emergency relief to help the underprivileged students. This is an honesty corner for all person on the campus to show kindness. Dr. Chung-Jen Chin, President of CYUT said that the newly-opened Honesty Store is an experimental place to nurture characters. Inside the store, no signs of clients, monitors, or securities equipment could be found. Customers can choose whatever they like and insert the money into donation box, which will be used as emergency relief. Honesty Store is a character place where human nature is tested.

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