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Innovation and Invention shine through the campus of CYUT
  • CYUT got one gold medal and one bronze medal in IENA

     The final awards of IENA 2015 in Germany, one of the three greatest invention exhibitions in the world, showed that CYUT’s invention, The Combination of Bicycle Pedal and Lock, won the gold medal. This invention incorporates pedal and lock by hiding the built-in lock inside the pedal, so riders don’t have to carry locks. In 2014, this invention was also awarded gold medal and a special award in Korean Invention Exhibition. Now, world-famous pedal producers are negotiating with this invention. Chiou Yi-Lon, student of Department of Industrial Design, invents this new gadget by combing pedal and lock, making bicycles fashionable and full of storage space. By hiding the locks into the inside of both pedals, riders can take the locks out and lock their bicycles more easily than ever.

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