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Wufong Golden Third Age Learning Center
“Taichung County Wufong Township Golden Third Age Learning Resources Center”undertaken by Department of Leisure Services Management held the achievement presentation of the first year on Aug. 22, 2009. Teacher Chang, Chun- Ju, who serves as the director of the center, expressed that, in the past year, she led the students to change the originally idle “Evergreen and Teenager Assembly Hall” of Jiayin Village, Wufong Township into a lifelong learning space for people of middle age and venerable age, opened 11 diversified courses that attracted 2,275 people to participate, and these courses were greatly approved by people. (posted by the Public Affair Section)
Brilliant Stimulus of “My Learning Passport”
In an attempt to stimulate students into added interests in foreign
languages, the Department of Applied Foreign Language has launched the dashing “My
Learning”Passport” program. Under the fun and exciting design, students who
successfully receive eight passes, i.e., “Foreign Language Clinics,” “Self-
learning Language Center,” “English Coffee Corner”, “GEPT Classes”,“English
Listening Instruction Curriculum,” “English Multimedia Instruction,” “ESP
Teaching Experiment” and “Foreign Language Activities” will get fifty stamps on
the Passport and, in turn, win fancy gifts.
College of Informatics receives the grant on Technology Development Program from Ministry of Economic Affairs and possess the R&D capability
Under the leading of College of Informatics and Department of Information and Communication Engineering, College of Informatics receives the grant on local industry value-added academic technology development program from Ministry of Economic Affairs. It is a three-year project entitled “U-Life: The Integration Technology of Wireless Communication Network for the Incorporation of Sport and Health Equipment and Leisure and Entertainment Industry” and possess the R&D capability. The dean of the College of Informatics, Prof. Rung-Ching Chen, said that the project is based on the competitive advantage of the fitness equipments developed by Johnson Health Tech. Co., Ltd. and profession of the research faculties. The purpose is to develop high-end sport & fitness equipment with wireless sensor network and wireless communication and promote the upgrade of industrial technology.
Overturn Tradition and Originate Calligraphy Art of Rock and Roll! Unique Approach to Calligraphy Art Teaching
Calligraphy Art is traditionally considered as representative to cultivate mind
and a motionless state features in inking and learning calligraphy. In order to
break through the thinking pattern of habitual nature of orthodox scholars’
calligraphy and painting, Mr. Chi-Wen Huang, who teaches “the Appreciation and
Creation Calligraphy ” in the General Education Center at Chaoyang University of
Technology, led the students to perform “Calligraphy Rock and Roll” impromptu on
December 4. The dynamic compositional pattern was integrated with music, dance, and
theater. Mr. Huang successfully transformed the indoor class into outdoor teaching
and performance, and let the school experience the new life of Calligraphy Art.
CYUT Inks Contracts with the World’s Top 100 Counterparts for Dual-Master Degrees
The College of Science and Engineering of CYUT has just inked a contract with
University of Sydney, Australia for Dual-Master degrees in the Engineering Sphere,
and with Flinders University Dual-Master degrees in Bio-technology. Through such
channels of international teamwork, the CYUT graduate students in those fields will
be awarded Master Degrees from both CYUT and its Australian counterparts after they
complete one-year study in Australia and study at CYUT for 1.5 years. That is to
mean that after graduation, they will have a significantly advantageous competitive
edge in either employment or higher education both in Taiwan and in foreign
Chaoyang University of Technology (CYUT) Avant-Garde Policy to Combine CYUT with the Industry for Win-win Results on Both Sides
Here at CYUT, we try by all means to have faculty members closely team up
with the industrial needs in their teaching and research projects.For such
purposes, we have officially enacted the “Trial Guidelines for CYUT Faculty to
Team up with Government and Non-government Enterprises.” Under the Guidelines, the
professors/instructors having consecutively served with CYUT for three years or
longer are entitled to apply for extended leave without pay for the maximum of one
year. During such period, they may serve with government or non-government
enterprises, either in Taiwan or abroad, to engage in research projects or render
instructions within their expertise. They may, as well, execute contracts with
those enterprises for reciprocal feedback to CYUT. Associate Professor Chia-chung
Chen of the Department of Applied Chemistry is the first successful applicant under
such Guidelines by serving with Oil-Dri Corporation of America as its Technological
Consultant for the Asia-Pacific Region. Thanks to such avant-garde policy to
combine CYUT itself with the industry, the quality and performance of education at
CYUT have been significantly upgraded. CYUT graduates have gained significantly
more room of employment while the enterprises have become a significant
beneficiaries as well.
Go Xiao-Ling Shao! 217 Teachers and Students Donate Blood and Pray for Blessings
People from all walks of life were concerned about the wife of Taichung City
Mayor, Ms. Xiao-Ling Shao, who was seriously injured in a car accident. Students of
the Evening Division at Chaoyang University of Technology launched a campaign on
November 28 --“donate blood and pray for blessings for Ms. Xiao-Ling Shao—Wish
all the injured people in car accidents have the same good luck as her.” They
called teachers and students to donate blood and pray that Ms. Xiao-Ling Shao would
recover soon. And they wished all the injured people in accidents who needed blood
transfusion had a rebirth chance.
  The Students Association of the Evening Division realized from the media that
the quantity of blood transfusion had reached as high as 13,000 C.C. The medical
team of Chi-Mei Hospital even mobilized people to donate blood in order to meet the
urgent need of massive blood use. Although the bleeding situation of Shao had been
under control, the students felt that they should stand up to encourage people to
donate blood with great enthusiasm, not only pray for Shao , but also save the
precious lives who are in a great need of blood transfusion.
Hot Sale - Chaoyang icash Limited Edition Cards
In order to celebrate its 14th anniversary, Chaoyang cooperated with 7-Eleven the first time to issue the Chaoyang icash limited edition card. The card was designed by Rae, the iconographer winner of Bologna Illustrators Exhibition. It was a hot shopping rush because the 3,000 limited edition cards were totally sold out within a month.