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New Turning Point for Education Conference
In 2007 the 9th session of Cross-Strait Higher Technological & Occupational Education Conference was held from November 6 to 7 in Chaoyang University of Technology. The invitation included Beijin Union University, Shanghai Second Polytechnic University, Shenzhen Polytechnic, Zhejiang Business Technology Institute, National Taipei University of Technology, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Chienkuo Technology University, and Yu Da College of Business. Two hundred scholars in the technical education and vocational education participated in this conference, discussing the perspective of Cross-Strait Technical and Vocational Education.
The annual public performance of Yo (also means young) Show Theatre “Three Plus One, short plays” is full of pleasant surprises.
Yo Show Theatre from the Department of Early Childhood Development and Care of
the Chaoyang University of Technology is famous for its children theatre
productions. It gives public performances yearly in Taichung area and has received
wide popularity. This year the performance called “Three Plus One, short plays”
is organized by the graduates and faculty members of the department. This
performance is different from what was presented in the past, and composed of four
different types of theatre, including musical theatre, pantomime, play, and black
theatre. With well-written plots, lighting, sounds, and delicate stage props, the
performance will surely give young kids big surprises.
Communication Arts department produced film “Goddess of fate” been selected to enter The 2007 San Francisco international film festival
As a part of the Teaching Excellence and Learning Autonomy project, the
teacher-and-student collaborate 16 mm movie “Goddess of Fate” has been selected
from over 300 film works to enter the 2007 San Francisco international film
festival. As the only two selected films from Asia, “Goddess of Fate” has proved
that even students can produce professional films in Chaoyang University of
The Biggest Winner of Eff 2007
To encourage public discussions on the current education situation, the
Ministry of Education (MOE) Pioneered the Education Film Festival 2007(EFF),which
was the first of its kind given by MOE.
  The winners of EFF were announced on 11th of November and GIO Minister Shieh
Jhy-wey and Education Minister Tu Cheng-sheng both were attending the EFF Awards
  The documentary, Knock Out, which was directed by CYUT alumnus, Li Yi-shan,
had won the best documentary film for students group. Also, It seems to rain, the
production of Tsai Chen-shu and twelve other alumnus had won the Best Feature Film
for students group. The Department of Communication Arts is the biggest winner of
Eff 2007.
Women's Basketball Team is Champion
From October 12 to 14, women’s basketball team of CYUT won the championship in
college women’s group at Taichung major Committee Cup Basketball Game.In addition,
at 2007 National Chung Cheng Cup Basketball Game at Miaoli Arena from October 30 to
November 3, the team earned No. 6 in college women’s group, in which many sport-
expertise students from other schools participated. It is worth cheering for their
outstanding performance.
Establishment Of Grain Safety Monitoring Center For Asia
Due to well-recognized expertise in chemistry, the Department of Applied
Chemistry in Chaoyang University of Technology is authorized as an international
analytic center for grain safety analysis by an American company, Oil-Dri
Corporation of America. This department will monopolize the exclusive right to
serve more than 10 Asian countries. It also becomes the only organization in
campus in Taiwan to provide continent-wide technical services. The analysis
center, known as “Asian Grain Safety Monitoring Center”, will formally start
operating in late November this year.
APEC-IDEERS competition. The Department of Construction Engineering won prize in the annual APEC-IDEERS competition for the year of 2006.
APEC-IDEERS competition is aimed at “Introducing and Demonstrating Earthquake
Engineering Research in schools”(IDEERS) through seismic model testing. The 2006
APEC-IDEERS competition was held in Taipei, Taiwan at the NCREE facilities during
Sep. 23 to 24. The Department of Construction Engineering of Chaoyang University of
Technology (CYUT) won the Runner Up Prizes of colleges in this activity. The CYUT
team members are senior-year students, Jhe-Siang Siao, Yi-Sian Lin, Sheng-Hao Guo,
and Guan-Ying Huang. They have been practicing hard on building seismic models
under the supervision of Prof. Grace S. Wang for several months.
2007 Red Dot Product Design Awards
Two items of Mr. Ye-wen Cheng’s design, "LBR-MD3" and "LBR-MD5" Blue-ray external DVD writer, were recognized with 2007 Red Dot Product Design Awards. He is an alumnus of CYUT ID department, now a Senior Industrial Designer of LITEON. The Red Dot design awards are announced annually by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany. With over 2548 entries from 43 countries, the red dot design award ranks among the largest design competitions worldwide. It stands for acceptance among the very best in design and is the first achievement of this kind since CYUT Industrial Design Department established.