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Spend 10 million for making brand-new PU runway Teachers and students happy GO
In order to offer a safer, more comfortable sport environment to teachers and students of this school, the Physical Education Office spend nearly 10 million and carries on the stadium PU runway construction project, and hold the ceremony of launching, the bright dance lion's performance of middle school of Taiwan except inviting, also arrange student representative to be strong in going happily according to legend. The Physical Education Office is emphasized, complete in a totally new way to PU runway launched, the equipment totally accords with association's standard runway specification of the track and field of the R.O.C., hope that the teachers and students of the whole school can all fully utilize, enjoy sport.
A High Score on TOEIC – 950 Jiang Shu-fen Acquiring the Certificate of C2 Mastery Level
Jiang Shu-fen, a third-grade student in the evening program of Department of Early Childhood Development and Education, got 950 in the TOEIC examination and acquired the certificate of C2 Master level. As the full score of TOEIC is 990, 495 for Listening and Reading respectively, Jiang Shu-fen’ performance is excellent, according to Foreign Language Center.
Obstacle detector device developed by Cheng-Lung Lee, Professor in the Dept. of IEM filing for invention patent
An electrical obstacle detector for the visually impaired persons was developed by Cheng-Lung Lee, Professor in the Department of Industrial and Management, to provide a means for their travel safety. Currently the application for invention patent of the travel-aid device has been filing. With the principle of reverse senor, the device consists of multiple signal detectors and one processor and is designed to attach either on their trunk, arm or neck. When an obstacle is detected by the detector while traveling the bip sound will be given to notify the visually impaired person and then to prevent or minimize the hitting against the obstacles.
[ 2012-11-08 ] IELTS on campus launched
IELTS on campus launched
The Cooperation Contract between Foreign Language Center and IDP (International Development Program)Education Australia has been signed to jointly hold IELTS(International English Language Testing System)on campus of Chaoyang University of Technology. With the school as a formal registration center of IELTS, a better and more convenient service will be offered to students in Central Taiwan. Through the cooperation with IDP, Foreign Language Center will also provide more comprehensive and practical testing standards to help students better equipped with language skills.
Brilliant professor Chen meiho has got an international design prize of BEST CRAFT in HAN couture
Do you know indigo dyeing ? Chen meiho, assistant professor in the Department of Communications of arts, has got an international prize of best craft at New York City in the first GLOBAL HAN COUTURE DESIGN COMPETITION between one thousand f traditional design in modern clothing which come from nine countries. Her works “China Indigo ‧ Dyeing all the world” are appreciated by Mamoonah Yaqubm, publisher of fashion magazine 《Moves》.
Faculties of the College of Science and Engineering visit sister universities in the USA
A team led by President Chung-Jen and formed by the faculties of the College
of Science and Engineering (CSE) finished its 10-day-visit to Chaoyang’s sister
universities in the State and signed memorandum for exchanging both faculties and
students between Chaoyang and its two sister universities.
   The purpose of this trip, sponsored by the Ministry of Education as part of
the Excellent-Teaching-and-Outstanding-Learning project, was to implement Chaoyang’
s globalization strategy for leading Chaoyang to a renowned university in the
world. During this trip, the team visited the California Polytechnic State
University and Michigan Technological University. The team not only signed exchange
agreement for reinforcing bilateral relationship, but learned an innovated project
called enterprise program to be used in the renovation of curriculum for training
students with a better hand-on skill and experience in solving real world problems.
   Dr. Shin-Sheng Tsay, Dean of the CSE, concluded that this trip was extremely
successful in regard to advance Chaoyang to the world-class university.
Ligneous Dinner Plate of Environmental Protection
The vice president of our school Yew-Min Tzeng and associate professor of
graduate institute of design Tsu-Wu Hu research and develop the ligneous dinner
plate of environmental protection. They plan to plant a large number of Fallcata
Albisia in Philippines as new material of dinner plate, to replace paper dinner
plate which used everywhere now. By the way the results of this research obtain the
patent of dinner plate of environmental protection. Professor Hu said this new
material not only environmental protection and safe, but also matching up sell
appearance of log lines, can promote the nature feeling of goods in plate and
conform to the trend of emphasizing environmental protection and health of eating
and drinking completely. The results of this research hope create a new
environmental protection concept product in Taiwan, and promote this new dinner
plate to the market of Japan.
The board chairman of CNNIC and the first graduate of Department of Information
The board chairman of CNNIC and the first graduate of Department of Information Management, Zhi-Jie Han, donated equipments worth about 6.3 million NT dollars to ChaoYang University of Technology, where the equipment includes a high-end firewall, two leading-edge servers and CCFL lighter T-bar for a classroom. Mr.Han extends his appreciation to Professor Amy Wang and Professor KQ Yan for their help while he was studying in ChaoYang.The principle Chung-Jen Chin expressed gratitude to his generosity on behalf of all students, teachers and staffs.