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Professor Wang is a Key Man for Training Financial Experts
Do you know? More than 400 students graduate from Department of Finance at our
school every year and each student owns two or three professional licenses before
he/she entries into the job markets. The Department of Finance is said to be the
cradle of training experts in Finance.
  Among many faculties in the Department of Finance, Professor Jeng-Jii Wang is
the key person for boosting proficiency testing programs of financial licenses.
After receiving his PhD degree from University of Columbia, Prof. Wang has taught
many courses related to certification of financial expertise at our school. Owning
13 American professional licenses, Prof. Wang understands thoroughly it is very
important to obtain these licenses for the career planning of each student.
Therefore, he provides our students the scholarships by himself to encourage them
to take various testing programs. Prof. Wang earnestly hopes that our students can
enhance their competence in work and succeed to enter the job markets.
Students of Dept. of CSIE got the first place award of “The 2006 National Computer Software Design Competition”
The “2006 National Computer Software Design Competition for Students of
Technological Colleges and University”was held on Oct. 20, 2006 at National Taipei
University of Technology. Four students of Dept. of Computer Science and
Information Engineering, Po-Chia Chen, Lung-Hui Tai, Chuan-Yang Lu, and Chia-Ping
Tang got the first place award among 45 teams. The title of their creation is “NP
Complete” (Notebook and PDA Complete Integration).The mentor of the team, Dr.
Hsien-Chou Liao, said that NP Complete is an integration mechanism of notebook and
PDA (personal digital assistant). The user-centric services enable a user can
continue his task without any interruption. The Services can also be activated
automatically according to the user’s context or requirement.
2006 Cross-Strait Symposium on the Sustainable Utilization
In order to achieve the duple goals of “Maintenance on superiority of
agricultural production” and ” Reduction of damage on environmental ecology”,
the development of a novel pest control strategy relies on natural rule with the
help from biotechnological applications, becomes main theme of agricultural
  Therefore, the Department of Environmental Engineering and Management, Chaoyang
University of Technology and Plant Protection Association of Republic of China co-
sponsored the “2006 Cross-Strait Symposium on the Sustainable Utilization of
Environmental Resources and Biocontrol of Crop Pests”. This symposium was held in
meeting hall of Chaoyang University of Technology on Dec. 7, 2006. Many famous
scholars and experts across the strait were invited to participate this symposium.
Attendants including : Dr. C. W. Kao, President of Plant Protection Association,
ROC, Dr. J. Chen, Dean, School of Agriculture and Biology, Shanghai Jiaotong
University, Dr. Y. X. Zhang, Head, Institute of Plant Protection, Fujian Academy of
Agricultural Sciences and Dr. C. N. Chen, Professor, Department of Entomology,
National Taiwan University, co-chaired the meeting and drew a valuable conclusion
with consensus on practicable strategy and tactics of biocontrol.
After devoting over 30 years in research in tissue culture
Professor Hsin-Sheng Tsay, Dean, College of Science and Engineering, and
Director of Graduate Institute of Biotechnology, received this Agricultural
Academic Award of 2006 from Agricultural Association of Taiwan. He is tenth awardee
from National Chung Hsing University to get this outstanding honor. Prof. Tsay has
successfully developed a tissue culture technology for mass multiplication of
Anoectochilus formosanus Hayata – a medicinally important plant species in
  Professor Tsay is the convener of the Organization of Medical and Healthful
Plants of National Science and Technology Program for Agricultural Biotechnology in
National Science Council. He is known as the pioneer of plant tissue culture
technology in Taiwan leading to development of Taiwan herbal industry. In the past
20 years, Prof. Tsay has received many awards, including the twenty first Ten
Outstanding Young Persons of the country, the first ten Outstanding Schoolfellows
of National Taiwan University, National Agricultural Superior Research Award of
National Science Council, Outstanding Research Award of National Science Council,
Outstanding Researcher Award of Council of Agriculture, Outstanding Academic
Research Award of Agronomy Association of Taiwan and etc. Thanks being outstanding
in the field of agricultural research. Prof. Hsin-Sheng Tsay was awarded as the
Nineteenth Superior Agriculture Researcher in 2004. He was cited by Council of
Agriculture, Executive Yuan. Prof. Tsay met President and got praised and
Organ Donation Slogan Campaign:MBA student Lin Yi-Ting won the contest
Do you know Health Insurance Card works more than just for medical
  Actually, since Nov. 1, 2004, the Health Insurance IC Card can be marked on as
“Organ Donor”. In order to raise the awareness of donating organs upon death and
convey the correct notion of it, Taiwan Organ Registry and Sharing Center in
Department of Health held the slogan contest entitled “Life or Death, Love for
good – Organ Donation Slogan Campaign”. With the slogan of “Organ Donation with
the Card, Love and Devotion to the World”, Mr. Lin Yi-Ting, an MBA student from
Chaoyang University of Technology, won the contest.
A New Opportunity for Interchange between Taiwan and Vietnam
To promote the perpetual development of the interchange of technological and
vocational education and develop substantial cooperation between Taiwan and
Vietnam, the Ministry of Education commissioned Chaoyang University of Technology
to hold “The Second Vietnam-Taiwan Conference on Vocational Education” on Dec. 2
and Dec. 3, 2007. The conference contained two parts: reports on special topics
and a conference. The attendees included the presidents from major universities in
Vietnam which focus primarily on the fields of Chinese-language instruction,
information, hospitality, and agriculture. Also attending, of course, were
presidents and related directors from technological and vocational institutes in
Taiwan. The discussion during the conference was aimed at three major issues:
“The procedures for recruiting foreign students and the development of the
international cooperation,”; “Industrial-academic cooperation and the integration
of enterprise resources”, and “The construction of the cooperation platform of
Chinese-language education”. During the conference,“the agreement of
educational cooperation between Taiwan and Vietnam” and “the collaboration
memorandum” were signed by parties from universities from both countries. Besides
that, a strategic alliance with thirty-one institutes in Vietnam, such as Hanoi
University of Management and Business, were also signed. The purpose was to
strengthen the opportunities for cooperation in technological and vocational
education, and to create a new milestone of Taiwan-Vietnam education.
Students Weeded for Jifong Community
In the early morning, a group of students at Chaoyang University of Technology
were busy weeding in the Jifong athletic field at Wufong. Students Association
launched a campaign of returning a favor to the community during the service week.
Since December 4, Students Association and the other 13 students clubs spent a week
on weeding for Jifong community, recycling, arranging free health check-ups and
evening parties. Ping-Hsuan Zhan, President of Students Association, indicated that
people thought the college students liked to party. Actually, the students at CYUT
are all good-hearted and love social service. Moreover, CYUT is located in Jifong
community at Wufong and the college students have the community service at heart.
The residents at Jifong were unable to enjoy their leisure time because the park
was overgrown with weeds; therefore, the students at CYUT decided to spend a week
removing weeds together for the community.