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CYUT has been funded by the M. O. E. for the TELA project for 9 consecutive years (2006-2014).

CYUT is outnumbered all the other private technological universities in Taiwan in recruiting Hong Kong students applying for the two-year undergraduate programs.

Research Center of Green Product Management and Testing of Chaoyarg University of Technology has been certified by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF). Chaoyang University of Technology is the first academy adopted by TAF on environmental pollutant detection in the central of Taiwan.

CYUT is ranked number one by the M. O. E. for its excellent achievement in character education promotion,

As the only award winning university in Taiwan, CYUT has received, from Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan,

Congratulations to the grand opening of 'Language Center Facebook'

     Congratulations to the grand opening of 'Language Center Facebook'!   We'd like to welcome all the students to join us. You will find resourceful information of English learning and connect to anyone who is interested in English like you.

     We also set up a club program on our Facebook. We will have a ten-week online course post on the club and we will hold five oral practice courses (Let’s Chat) from 9/30-12/17. This semester, the program covers five different topics: United Music Nations, Movie Talk, World Cultures, Super Sports and Happy Holidays & Festivals. For details, please use the keyword (LanguageCenter Cyut) to check our Facebook or visit Language Center.

CYUT has been ranked number


     2013 is the third year for Taiwan in admitting students from Mainland China. Among the quota of 1,732 of the total of admitted students for 98 universities, CYUT has recruited 26 students and outnumbered all the other technological universities two years in a row.

Chaoyang Tech Toastmasters Club Charter Ceremony


     CTTC Toastmasters Club is a new club on campus. Our club members have made a lot of effort to manage the club quality. After months of effort, CTTC Toastmasters Club has officially chartered by the Toastmasters International.

     The members of Chaoyang Tech Toastmasters Club come from different departments and different English learning backgrounds; however, they all show their great interests in English learning. With the organized training systems, the members will soon improve their speaking and leadership skills. The regular meeting agenda is as follows: prepared speech session, table topics, general evaluation and so on. Every member will surely learn a lot from each other.