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Students of Design College have Boundless Creativity, and Unusually Brilliant Achievements in International Design Competitions
Chaoyang has received one gold medal award, 5 silver medal awards, 1 bronze medal awards and six special awards in the 2012 Taipei International Invention show and Technomart.
The Prize-Winning Number of Our School in International Innovation and Invention Expo—Macao 2012 Takes First Place Among the Schools of Taiwan
In order to meet the increased demand for beds and improve the students’ living environment, CYUT decided to sign a long-term lease with “Chaoyang Star” as the second dormitory. Wen-Pin Su, the Dean of Student Affairs, said the “Chaoyang Star” provides: •1064 furnished bedrooms with telephone, AC, refrigerator, internet access and bathroom. •Male/female laundry facilities. •Kitchen. •Audio room. •Gymnasium •Indoor/outdoor parking aeras.
Student Volunteers Help Southern Taiwan
Before classes began, the Office of Student Affairs called student volunteers to assist the populace of Lin-Ban Township in Pin-Tong Country from August 17 to 21. They helped the inhabitants clean up the hometowns and recover the campus for elementary and middle schools.
CYUT is awarded a 5-year-long budget as 236 million NT dollars for TELA project
The Ministry of Education recently declared the qualification of universities applying for 2009 scheme of Teaching Excellence and Learning Autonomy. Accordingly, Chaoyang University of Technology was endowed with the honor of Teaching Excellence and Learning Autonomy three years in a row (2006 ~ 2008) and then was awarded with a two-year-long scheme of Teaching Excellence and Learning Autonomy of which the budget awarded to CYUT from 2006 to 2010 is up to 236 million NT dollars, referring to the excellent performance of teaching and learning at Chaoyang University of Technology.
The Prize-Winning Number of Our School in International Innovation
This year, Taiwan was invited to form a group to join in “International Innovation and Invention Expo—Macao 2012” for the first time, and again, our school and WIIPA led ten schools with 57 works to take part in the competition, and won 21 gold, 19 silver, and 7 bronze medals, and 10 special awards; the prize- winning rate was as high as 82%. Among them, the 10 works of our school that participated in the competition all won prizes, which were 5 gold, 3 silver, and 2 bronze medals; moreover, we got 4 special prizes awarded by the conventions from Korea, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, and the prize-winning number honorably took first place among the schools that took part in the competition again.
The Prize-Winning Number of Our School in International Innovation
Wang, Chien-Sen, student of Graduate Institute of Computer Science and Information Engineering obtained Scholarships for Excellent Students to Study Abroad issued by Ministry of Education, full scholarship of University of Aizu, Japan, as well as the monthly living expense subsidy, and went to Japan to study double Master’s Degree. In 2011 academic year, he came back to the school to complete writing the Master’s thesis, obtained the diplomas of our school and University of Aizu, Japan at the same time, and became the first student that got the double Master’s Degree in College of Informatics formally. His performance was really remarkable.
Wufong Golden Third Age Learning Center
“Taichung County Wufong Township Golden Third Age Learning Resources Center”undertaken by Department of Leisure Services Management held the achievement presentation of the first year on Aug. 22, 2009. Teacher Chang, Chun- Ju, who serves as the director of the center, expressed that, in the past year, she led the students to change the originally idle “Evergreen and Teenager Assembly Hall” of Jiayin Village, Wufong Township into a lifelong learning space for people of middle age and venerable age, opened 11 diversified courses that attracted 2,275 people to participate, and these courses were greatly approved by people. (posted by the Public Affair Section)
Brilliant Stimulus of “My Learning Passport”
In an attempt to stimulate students into added interests in foreign
languages, the Department of Applied Foreign Language has launched the dashing “My
Learning”Passport” program. Under the fun and exciting design, students who
successfully receive eight passes, i.e., “Foreign Language Clinics,” “Self-
learning Language Center,” “English Coffee Corner”, “GEPT Classes”,“English
Listening Instruction Curriculum,” “English Multimedia Instruction,” “ESP
Teaching Experiment” and “Foreign Language Activities” will get fifty stamps on
the Passport and, in turn, win fancy gifts.