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The Students of CYUT Landscape and Urban Design Department Won the Award of Excellence in International Colleges and Universities Construction Competition

Co-organized by the Wanan County Government of Jiangxi Province and the CBC School of Architecture, the 3rd 2018 “Qu-Village-Xia-Mutang International University Construction Competition” invited 20 top landscape universities from the United States, Hong Kong, and the mainland China, including Tsinghua University, Tongji University and Tianjin University. The students used local available building materials to build their construction sites according to their blueprint and completed renewed renovations of communities within 15 days. 11 graduate students from Chaoyang University of Technology (CYUT), the only school invited in Taiwan, were led by Professor Meng-Li Lin of the Department of Landscape and Urban Design to participate in a forest construction in Xia-Mutang. With bamboos as companions, "Summer Chills at Bamboo Cube," the work from Landscape and Urban Design Department at CYUT, won the 3rd International University Construction Competition Excellence Award. Ji-Yuan Lin, chairman of Landscape and Urban Design Department at CYUT, also emphasized that the main purpose of this construction competition is not only to optimize professional implementation and experience, but also to incorporate cultures and emotions. The outstanding achievement of Landscape and Urban Design Department owes much to both efforts from students as well as teachers and Sheng-Rong Ou, Dean of the Design College, Guo-Wei Hsu, and Zhe-Ming Cheng (the teachers of Landscape and Urban Design Department) who fully assisted trainings and guidance. The organizer finally decided not to dismantle the "Summer Chills at Bamboo Cube " and preserved this landscape creation created by this student team from Taiwan. This competition not only showed professional learning results of students in Landscape and Urban Design Department but also set a new milestone for rural reconstruction and renovation of Across the Taiwan-Strait.
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