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CYUT is the only private university of technology in Taiwan that enters the list of World University Rankings by Times Higher Education 2019

Times Higher Education announced the World University Rankings 2019 on the evening of Sep 26th , and Chaoyang University of Technology (CYUT) once again was ranked 1000+ . CYUT is the only private university of technology in Taiwan that enters the rankings. In term of the amount of industry-academy cooperation, CYUT was ranked 526 in universities around the world. CYUT not only displays potentials of research and industry-academy cooperation but also greatly upgrades global reputation and impact. Tao-Ming Cheng, president of CYUT, said that Times Higher Education Rankings has evaluated global universities for 15 years, ranging across 86 countries. CYUT not only has won World University Rankings 1000+ for 2 consecutive years but also was ranked Asian University Rankings 301-350, Emerging Economies University Ranking 350+ ,and Asia-Pacific University Ranking 250+. It is worth mentioning that CYUT is the only private university of technology in Taiwan that enters these 4 lists. The fact that CYUT can be listed World Best University Rankings 2019 in the face of more intense regional competition attributes to the efforts of all faculty members and students. It is taken for granted that CYUT’s outstanding achievements of promoting internationalization is highly recognized. So far, CYUT has signed academic cooperation or strategic alliance agreements with more than 627 overseas schools in five continents, including Botswana in Africa and Alaska Peninsula. In recent years, it has signed MOUs with universities in Chile, New Zealand, and Toronto. CYUT has also established two-way exchange programs with Denmark and Belgium. CYUT has also negotiated dual master's degrees with University of Regensburg in Germany and Flinders University in Australia. In order to integrate world research fields and improve research capacity, CYUT has actively recruited postdoctoral researchers here and abroad to increase research human resources. In order to enhance international competitiveness of students, CYUT was approved by Ministry of Education to establish Department of Aeronautical Engineering and will recruit students in 2019. Many foreign pilots are recruited to CYUT as full-time professors of flight and maintenance, and they will teach courses in English to familiarize graduates with English. In addition, CYUT has promoted "Thousand People Overseas Experience Learning Program" to provide elite students with opportunities like study tours, overseas exchange programs with sister schools, double degrees, dual degrees, overseas teaching, international invention competitions, grants for graduated students to attend international academic conferences, international volunteers, overseas internships, international experiential learning, short-term exchange studies, and workshops of various kinds. All of these multi-functional opportunities of advanced studies not only intensify students’ capabilities but also make CYUT graduates actively interconnect with global job markets and international communities.
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