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To Establish a World-Class University Filled with Abundant Research and Development: Tien-Shen Yang, Chairman of the Board / Founder

Tien-Shen Yang

     CYUT has been founded for 25 years, a quarter of a century, and this 25th anniversary serves as a milestone in which CYUT has constantly made incessant progress to achieve ubiquitous innovations and originalities. I have often said that my greatest and invaluable contribution and accomplishment to our country, our societies, and our industries is the founding of CYUT, which has already cultivated an ocean of excellent students. In both 2018 and 2019, CYUT, according to Times Higher Education (THE), the world’s most influential university rankings organization, has been ranked as the top 1000+ Universities in World University Rankings. CYUT has earned the international recognition for this outstanding achievement here and abroad for our abundant R&D and for our reputation and influence. 

     This indispensable honor owes much to our terrific team, in which our founding chairman of the board, Song Shi-Xuan, all directors, three former presidents, Zeng Teng-Guang, Yang Jun-Zhong, Chung-Jen Chin, and incumbent president Cheng Tao-Ming, have been devoted their efforts to stabilizing the infrastructure of CYUT. Besides, all faculty members and employees cooperate and collaborate to constitute a synergetic web of contribution to make CYUT a sacrosanct place to educate students.

     In retrospect, I have continuously stuck to my motto: “to build a university to show my gratitude and contribution to our society.” This is my firm belief and my life-time pursuit. In the past, we have fulfilled something important. In the future, we will fight and undergo a series of ordeals to achieve our sustainable development and to reach another summit. Some of my friends used to ask my motivation to build a university. Originally, the reason why I would like to initiate a university was to reminisce about the old days with my parents and to contribute to our country. Though both my parents passed away years ago, I have still recollected their teachings and words to me and my siblings. I used to donate money to some disadvantaged minorities; however, I think it better to establish a well-equipped university, a place of higher education, where more and more students of vocational schools can benefit a lot for their bright future. This university is intended to provide an extraordinary campus for students to learn hi-tech skills and to achieve proficiency in everything they learn to make our country a highly developed country. At first, the university was named Poding, my parents’ names, in memory of my parents. I changed it to Chaoyang, the rising sun, to symbolize a rising bright and brilliant future for those who graduate from CYUT.

     CYUT was prepared and arranged in 1988 and started to recruit students in 1994. Our school motto is “diligence, character, and practice.” CYUT has paid much attention to the cultivation of students’ moral characters and to a well-organized campus where students can grow up, become stronger, and be trained to be highly talented experts and specialists for our society. I have always thought that the greatest value and perfect meanings of life is to educate and instruct students to make our later generations better and better. The accomplishment of education is much more satisfactory than that of other careers.

     CYUT is 25 years old. The gradual accumulation of wisdom, effort, and support of our predecessors, scholars, and more than 60,000 alumni has made what CYUT is today. In the face of economic fluctuations and educational crisis and challenges, we must spare no efforts to stay competitive. All faculty members must be devoted to professional services and administrative innovations to face as many challenges as possible. It is my sincere wish that we should remain flexible in our effort to lead all people in CYUT to move forward. By the way, in 2019 academic year, our Department of Aeronautical Engineering will start to recruit students. This is our great stride in our Blue Ocean Strategy to stay competitive among precarious Red Ocean competition.

     At our 25th anniversary, I would like to encourage all faculty members to forge our campus with enthusiasm, teamwork skills, and harmonious culture. Based on the idea that treating and educating others’ children as our own, CYUT will teach students with love, manage our university with respect, and keep our campus exuberantly active. I also feel like asking our faculty members to talk all students into pursuing knowledge, morality, strong body, elegant etiquette, and kindness towards everything. I sincerely hope that all people in CYUT can cooperate to contribute to our society and to cultivate elites for our country.  


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