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Local Community: Fulfilling Social Responsibilities

Local Community: Fulfilling Social Responsibilities

        CYUT adheres to motto of “Diligence, Virtuousness, and Earnestness,” emphasizing our moral education to promote social services, connecting students with society and the world while cultivating students to become world citizens of professionalism, teamwork, and caring for society. Throughout the years, this dedication has brought back outstanding and fruitful results, winning Ministry of Education's "Character Education School" and "Friendly Campus" excellence awards. CYUT has also been awarded the "Moral Education Promotion and Education Plan" for 7 consecutive years.

        In fulfilling the goal of implementing moral education, CYUT has been promoting a zero-credit Manual Training course mandatory for all freshmen since her founding. Through cleaning work, students' industrious and responsible attitudes towards life are cultivated. This campus culture is composed of students’ love and care. Thus, CYUT has been labelled an excellence university for her promotion and implementation of Labor Education and Service Learning by Ministry of Education. All departments have set up service training courses, and have been professionally engaged in serving local communities and society. CYUT won a Silver Medal for our promotion of Labor Education and Service Training and an Outstanding Medal for the Labor Education Service Training Model from Ministry of Education.

         The students, through various university clubs, actively participate in various communities and social services, promoting them to primary and secondary schools during spring and summer breaks, winning excellence from the National Association Evaluation of Ministry of Education for 16 consecutive years, among which CYUT received double-excellence awards in 2010, 2011, 2016, and 2017. Our own student association has been awarded excellent in the Student School Organization Competition for three consecutive years. In both 2015 and 2016, it was awarded an even higher award, the premium award.

          In order to assist Yunlin's BaoZhong Village to find opportunities for innovation, CYUT's team from Department of Chemistry executed the University Social Responsibility (USR) program to promote the progress and results of black bean rehabilitation, working together with the locals to enhance the value of black beans farmed with environment-friendly techniques. This work also transformed them into innovative foods through creative processing, creating gateways for sales for the community, and the use of black bean re-cultivation as the center for investment and prosperity in the area.

          Through the process of University's Social Responsibility Program, students are able to walk out of campus and understand social and industrial changes, joining hands with the community to invest in local care, talent cultivation, environmental protection, and citizen participation. In order to focus on the professional development and specialty of each department, strengthening the industrial chain and integrating regional resources, creating a stronger bond with locals, and helping to solve important regional issues, CYUT's Green Center of Agriculture has promoted a model local companionship with Yunlin BaoZhong Village’s black bean re-cultivation project. In 2017 and 2018, the project model was approved by Ministry of Education's University Social Responsibility Plan, type B Germination Program. In the future, we shall continue the promotion of agricultural-industry cooperation and the development of a new platform for regional agriculture.

         In addition, in order to care for the elderly living alone and for double-aging families, Department of Social Work combines practical training and service courses every year. Calling on more than 100 enthusiastic students to help the seniors in the Wufeng District to clean their homes, CYUT has been highly praised by the locals here in Wufeng.

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