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A Green University: Promoting a Sustainable Campus

A Green University: Promoting a Sustainable Campus

     University of Indonesia recently announced the 2018 Green Metric World University Ranking. A total of 719 universities from 81 countries and regions participated in the evaluation, with "infrastructure," "energy and climate change," "water resources," 'waste disposal," "transportation," and "education" as 6 calibrated performance indicators. CYUT is committed to promoting a sustainable campus and has been ranked among the top 100 in the world for two consecutive years. Our efficiency in energy conservation and carbon emissions reduction has been recognized internationally.

      In promoting a green sustainable campus, environmental safety, environmental protection, and environmental safety certifications, CYUT has achieved remarkable performances, not only introducing ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 50001 Energy Management System, but also promoting natural lighting, energy efficiency, environmental protection equipment, water saving, recycling, and many green environmental protection measures. Even with the growing number of students every year, under reasonable and innovative environmental protection measures, the electricity consumption rate has not risen but has been reduced in the past 3 years, with the annual reduction rate at 7%. This has allowed us to successively obtain the title of Model for Green Universities by Ministry of Education, earning Water-Saving Excellence Award from Water Resources Agency, Energy Conservation Excellence Award from Energy Bureau, National Environmental Education Award from Environmental Protection Agency, Awards from Taichung Environmental Protection Bureau, etc. To top this off, CYUT has won the highest honor, Energy Conservation Gold Medal, from Ministry of Economic Affairs.

      These specific energy-saving measures consist of a central energy monitoring center to manage water, electricity, fire, and security of the whole campus, of smartly automated air conditioning and lighting systems, and of small wind and solar generators to save electricity. In order to allow teachers and students to benefit from these energy-saving measures, CYUT has added sun visors in the buildings and insulated black nets on the roofs. The library has a built-in PMV comfort management system that supplies cold air in accordance with actual needs and replaces the central air conditioner with a variable frequency magnetic floating centrifugal system, saving more than 45% in electricity. The information and communication room has also been upgraded to a green machine room. The sports courts and parking lots are paved with permeable pavements, making full use of the rainwater recycling system to improve the rate of recovery. Furthermore, trees have been planted all over campus, with a forest coverage rate as high as 94.43%.

      CYUT has actively promoted green consumption and signed the Green Enterprise Purchasing Intention Letter for Private Enterprises and Groups, requiring CYUT to give priorities to purchase green products marked with "Environment-Friendly," "Energy Conservation," "Water Saving" and "Green Building Materials" marks. With an annual procurement value of over NT$30 million, CYUT has been awarded by Environmental Protection Agency for our excellence. Indeed, CYUT has been the only private university in Taiwan to receive this award.

       In response to global warming, CYUT has offered courses such as “Campus Ecology,” “Energy and Water Saving Green Architecture,” “Water Resources,” and “Nature Conservation and Disaster Prevention” to provide students with diverse learning opportunities, while also publishing “Campus Environment Report” annually. These have been performances of promoting environmental protection and assisting implementations of environmental education to communities, primary and secondary schools. Besides, these have been certified by Environment Protection Agency of Executive Yuan and have won Republic of China Environmental Protection Award for three consecutive years. CYUT has also won the highest award of the agency, Honorary Environmental Enterprise Award. Thus, CYUT’s dedication and commitment to protecting the environment can be known throughout the whole nation.

       CYUT pays much attention to the shaping of a friendly environment. Campus buildings are divided into four main locations with a view to achieving functions of being accessible, enterable, and usable to assist disabled people to have an independent learning environment. CYUT is also entrusted by Ministry of Education to construct a barrier-free campus environment. The university cafeteria has also won the "Friendly Restaurant Award." In addition, CYUT's Poding Library has created an iSpace's comfortable reading environment, with colorful tables, chairs, and decorative interiors, providing students with a space for creative ideas and interactive communication, and encouraging students to enjoy reading again. In addition, the library continues to introduce resource exploration service systems, space/seat reservation management systems, self-service re-booking machines, VR/AR interactive experiences Interactive Smart Board, Library Security System & Visitors Computing System, Smart & Auto Gate and other information systems and equipment. On top of that, the library also provides interdisciplinary teaching and counseling services to students and teachers alike, becoming the first in Taiwan with even more convenient digitalized services and friendly reading environments to fulfill the needs of students, researchers, and teachers for learning.

      In addition to planning a caring and digital reading environment, the library has a collection of a million and has been actively building Ph. D’s and master's theses, an institutional collection system, and research results and academic works of faculty and staff. It has become a spiritual fortress for the community. Besides, according to 2018 the most influential academic resources of National Library of Taiwan, the number of citations and electronic full-text downloads of CYUT dissertations has been the highest of all universities of science and technology in Taiwan. These also included the "Best Academic Collection" awards and 7 other more awards. We are to continue to build a campus environment of sustainable development with a high-quality cultural system.

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