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Experience in the Countryside, CYUT International Students Engage with the Local Community

     CYUT organized an activity “Local Experience in the Countryside” for international students to experience Taiwanese farming and engage with the local community. Liam Mcneilly from Germany and Emeterio Carlon Lopez from Mexico participated in this project and enjoyed unique Taiwanese farming and local beauty.
     Liam and Eme stayed with the local family and learned how to grow rice with ecological farming technique. Eme, an exchange student from Mexico expressed that “there are many farms back home; however, I have never experienced as a farmer. This is an exciting and wonderful experience for me to participate this project with local community”.

     Liam and Eme woke up in the early morning and assisted the farm owner to the pick up the duck eggs, cleaned the barn and experienced the routine work of the farmer. Being a farmer is a labor-consuming hard work; however, it is surprisingly an interesting experience to see the harvest.

     Liam, an exchange student from Germany said that “I am happy to choose Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan as the destination for my study. I love not only the food, but also the warm welcome and hospitality of Taiwanese. Thanks to Mr. Ming-Jen Chang, Director of Student Services Division, Office of International and Cross-Strait Cooperation, accompanied us to have this wonderful and unforgettable trip. Therefore, I can be here to learn making local food, Taiwanese tea culture and meeting lovely Taiwanese friends”.

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