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Important announcement of COVID-19

Dear Students, Happy New Year


     Due to the severe outbreak and risk of pneumonia caused by COVID-19, the world has been much alarmed and our school has immediately set up a Severe Contagious Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention Center. As head of the center, president has summoned a series of emergency meetings with all related supervisors during the New Year’s vacation to come up with feasible measures. It has been our guideline to match up with government policies to boost tasks of epidemic prevention. With the new semester approaching, it has been my sincere hope not only to express concerns about your health but also to alert the importance of self-protection. Please pay attention to every CYUT announcement, take good care of yourselves and family members, and be sure of your right to learn at CYUT.


     So far, after incessant preparations, we have had our ducks in a row before the new semester begins, including a temporary ban on a mutual exchange of CYUT students to Mainland China, a temporary postponement of Chinese students returning to Taiwan, and so on. We have already spared no effort to be equipped with sufficient masks, hand sanitizers, infrared forehead thermo-checkers, 75% alcohol, and automatic alcohol spray dispensers, all of which are placed at highly-populated areas and entrances of all buildings at CYUT to make sure that everyone can gain knowledge with a healthy body.


     Besides, in order to minimize and limit the risk of cluster infections of this new coronavirus, CYUT has already established a well-organized campus protection network to make all epidemic information and notices under control. All campus epidemic information will be quickly updated to web pages and line groups to alert students to stay in good health. Health Center of The Office of Student Affairs has also set up a health consultant area to help students solve problems related to health and this epidemic. Our common goal is to have a healthful learning environment for students to study. 


Sincerely yours,


President Tao-Ming Cheng

Feb. 1, 2020.                    


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