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Extension of book due date for summer vacation

The library will extend the due date to 26 Sep 2023 for books borrowed on or after 5 Jun 2023. The new due date does not apply to fresh graduates, cross-school readers, or community users. Part-time teachers and those who postpone graduation should approach the library counter for an extension.

Make sure your record shows the new due date. If not, it tells that the books are either overdue, renewed three times, reserved, or not from 1F, 4F, 6F & 2F Top 100 collections. In this case, you should return the books immediately to avoid fines.

Readers who borrow books before 4 June 2023 should extend their due dates after 5 June 2023 or return by the original date.

You may contact Reader Services Section at ext. 3151 or 3152 for inquiries.

Added by: Reader Services Section
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