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Use genuine textbooks and respect intellectual property

1.Respect intellectual property. Use genuine textbooks (including second-hand books) and do not scan/copy/download/upload books and teaching materials without authorization.

2.Pursuant to the Copyright Act, copyright owners have the exclusive right to reproduce and publicly transmit their works. Scanning, photocopying, downloading and uploading are ways of reproduction. For photocopying work of others, unless reasonable per the provisions of Article 44 to 65 of the Copyright Act, otherwise shall obtain the consent or authorization from the copyright owner. Photocopying the entire or most of the work or scanning into parts, photocopying, arbitrarily downloading or uploading theses of others, etc., are acts that exceed the scope of reasonable usage and constitute an infringement of copyright. Do not download book files from infringing websites, or engage in the sale and purchase of pirated books on third-party e-commerce platforms. The infringer shall bear all legal liabilities if being prosecuted by the copyright owner.

3.Useful link:

Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.

Basic concepts on copyright:


4.Click here for Facebook link of Chaoyang second-hand auction (textbook included): https://zh-tw.facebook.com/groups/118336275020443/

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