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Shining Alumni: Creating the Legacy

Shining Alumni: Creating the Legacy

    Time really does fly by. For 25 years, CYUT alumni have exceeded 60,000 members. Our alumni have spread across the country and have gradually emerged in all sectors of industries and have contributed substantially back to society. In order to accumulate energy of Chaoyang, the Alumni Association, the Alumni-Student Association, the students of the Departments, and the Overseas Alumni Association have been active in recent years. They hope to provide a channel for alumni to communicate with each other, and to provide help and guidance for the younger generations of students at Chaoyang, contributing back to Chaoyang even after their graduation.

    In recognition of outstanding performances of alumni and their contribution to society, CYUT will commend six outstanding alumni at the 25th-Anniversary Celebration. These outstanding alumni include Ming-Chen Lin, the incumbent City Mayor of Nantou County; Kun-Yuan Chiu, elected as Asia's Outstanding Young Urologist; Ming-Kai Wu, the youngest general manager of Fubon Overseas Businesses and acting manager of Thailand Branch; Yun-Sian Huang, winner of the 55th Golden Horse Award for Short Animations; Wen-Yu Chen, environmental protector for more than 30 years and constant sponsor of CYUT; and Min-Li Teng, plant managers of Taipower's Taiyang Power Plant. In addition to becoming role models for the students at CYUT, all alumni will continue to support their alma mater and to create our legacies together.

    CYUT has already fulfilled goals of practical vocational education. Over the years, professionals in all fields have become the backbone of society. Among them the Universiade torch and cauldron's chief designer, Han-Ning Chang, designed flame technology used in the 2017 Taipei World University Games. Mr. Chang, creative director of the JiHo Creative Innovation, is not only a top 100 designers in Taiwan, but also an outstanding alumnus of Department of Engineering. The world-class "MIT" torch and cauldron at the Universidad displays the strength of Taiwan's design and craftsmanship. Mr. Chang especially donated a number of torches in appreciation of CYUT for his time and studies at Chaoyang, and this also symbolizes the outstanding achievements of our industry-academia collaboration, showcasing Taiwan's R&D innovation to the world.

     In the field of research and development, Chien-Chung Huang, an alumnus of Department of Chemistry, has successfully launched a business with the help of Department of Industry Cooperation, launching a “100% plant-based” natural food eating device brand that replaces plastic with environment-friendly materials. This product is a straw made of sugar cane fiber that can withstand temperatures of minus 20 degrees. This product not only has passed the SGS, Taiwan's food container standards which is patented and internationally certified, but also has won the 2018 French Concorpors Lepine jury's special award. With its potential market development, we shall cooperate in developing related technologies, and create new opportunities through practical industrial practices, the school's analysis equipment, and human resources. This is a chance to create a friendly industry together.  

    In addition, Jackky Aw and Heng-Zheng Lim, Malaysian alumni of Department of Communication Arts, returned to Malaysia and entered the biggest media group, Astro TV, to jointly produce the "Rookie Contest" and "The Voice- Malaysia, " being number 1 in ratings for 9 weeks in a row. They became executive producers because of their achievements. Department of Social Work alumnus, Istanda Safa, and  alumnus of Department of Insurance, Hui-Hsuan Chiu, have overcome countless obstacles and won the "Presidential Education Award" with their strong learning spirit and outstanding professional performance, allowing stories of CYUT alumni to be passed down from generation to generation.

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