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Welcome to the Global Information Website of Chaoyang University of Technology (Hereinafter referred to as the Site), to ensure that you feel comfortable while browsing the site and using all kinds of information services, and in the meantime, fully respect and protect your own privacy, we specifically explain the privacy protection policy of the site below, please kindly read the following:

I. Scope of Application
The personal identification data collected when link to and use the information services on the site. It neither apply to related website linkages other than the site, nor does it apply to the involved management personnel entrusted by the site.

II. Data Collection
1. Simply browse the site and download file does collect any data related to personal identification
2. While browsing the provided online information services on the site, all responsible units will, according to your request, ask for information like name, faculty ID, student ID, personal ID, telephone number, e-mail, and address.
3. During normal browsing, the site server will log including your connecting device IP address, browse time, browser used, and data recording of browse and click as references for enhancing the site?rsquo;s service quality. These records only apply to integrated analysis based on all users as a whole; besides internal research, we can publicize the statistical data and explanatory words depend on the situation, but it will not involve specific personal information.
4. The site has obligation in protecting all users?rsquo; privacy; unless you permit or prescribed in other special law regulations, the site will not disclose your personal information to the third party or use it in any way other than the purpose of collection.

III. Data Protection
1. The site server is equipped with related data safety protection measure to protect the site and your personal information. Only authorized personnel has access to your personal information; all related processing personnel have signed confidentiality agreement, any violation of information confidentiality obligations will be subject to the relevant disciplinary action.
2. As a result of business requirement, when it is necessary to entrust related units of the site to provide service, the site will also strictly demand and take necessary inspection precautions to ensure the compliance of the information confidentiality regulation.

IV. Individual Obligations
1. The safety protection of the personal account name and password is the mutual obligation of both related units of the site and the user.
2. Please alert the maintenance unit of the site to facilitate the assistance of information personnel once your personal account is compromised or in case of any other safety issues.
3. It is necessary to log out the system after each visit to the site to protect your personal account from misuse by others. Remember to close the window of the browser to prevent others from obtaining your personal information when you are sharing your computer or using a public computer.
4. All internet operative behaviors should follow relevant legal regulations

V. The Amendment of Privacy Protection Policy
The privacy protection policy of the site is to be amended according the latest developments in nation's law, information technology, and the school's administrative affairs.