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Tao-ming Cheng, Ph.D.

President of Chaoyang University of Technology


Pursue Excellence, Success follows

  CYUT is situated in the Wu-Fong District in Central Taiwan, full of incredibly natural beauty with ubiquitous elegance and grace. Irrigated by historical and cultural soil, CYUT provides students with an environment combined with higher education cradle and well-equipped campus. Compared to famous universities with more than one hundred years, CYUT is a relatively new 22-year-old university with outstanding ambitions to develop academic and technological talents, achievements, and resources. We are now emerging as a major academic powerhouse in Taiwan. Our university title, Chaoyang, meaning facing the rising sun, creates a self-image of aggressive studies, large-scale development, perfect rules and value systems. Because of incessant digging, CYUT has been trying to create various kinds of miracles in the face of international cultural impacts in the global village.
  Globalization is an inevitable phenomenon for us to re-consider the possibilities of individualism, free wills of labor ideology, and choices of personal life-style. In the era of Internet, the development of higher education in different countries deserve our scrupulous consideration of oceans of problems, such as how to promote and upgrade universities, how to create mutual communication among multi-cultural movements on the campus, how to incorporate professional cross-cultural outputs, and how to keep abreast of international tendency. After 22 years of endeavors, CYUT has grown up and has navigated toward a closer connection and link with internationalization.
  Due to sharp decline of birth rate, Taiwan is now facing serious social and educational crises. In the 12 years to come, the number of college students dwindles. Thus, we have to take advantage of all possible facilities and resources to make both ends meet and then to create the biggest possible profits for the lasting survival of our university. By means of internationalization, we can cooperate with and guide other institutions of higher education in other countries to cultivate, to educate, to develop, and to employ students with talents. In the near future, we have to accelerate our pace to offer more educational opportunities to students from south-eastern Asia. Like the past five years, we have tried our best to recruit, to guide and to train students from Mainland China. Both strategies are of great importance. Besides, we still have to expand our Thousand-Student-Overseas-Learning-Plan as a way to make our students understand foreign cultures both economically and financially. The more our students can have a better understanding of overseas economy and life-style, the more progress our students will make to let our society a better one. Namely, the life force in Taiwan is closely intertwined with the supply and demand of international commodity.
  About course arrangement, CYUT has performed teaching quality guarantee system for many years and has become the paradigm among universities in both Taiwan and Mainland China. About students' life guidance, every class instructor is supposed to help students solve various kinds of problems they encounter. Both elite and handicapped students can also receive extra care from their instructors. The mutual interaction among instructors and students can intensify harmony on the campus. Our internship system helps students build a seamless connection between campus life and career employment. Our motto is that the moment students graduate, they can be employed; the moment they are employed, they are well-equipped. Some students even participate in academic-industrial projects with their teachers to learn, to research, and to develop, and to achieve many results and outcomes.
  In order to make administrative affairs efficient, we strengthen our teaching as well as R&D and stay up-to-date with many universities in highly industrialized countries because of our terrific campus culture and teamwork skills. Now CYUT is ranked among top world 1,000 by Webometrics Ranking of World Universities and we intend to make our dreams come true: by 2021, CYUT will be ranked Top-500 University in Asia by Times Higher Education World University Rankings; by 2026 Top-300 University in Asia; by 2030 Top-1,000 University in the World; by 2050 Top-100 New University in the world. 
  In TIMES Higher Education Asia Universities Summit 2016, Thomas F. Rosenbaum, President of California Institute of Technology, viewed 「Vision, Focus, Perspective」 as the motto of Caltech. In other words, it means seeing far away, paying attention to depth, and digging into everything. This cornerstone of administrative affairs is also appropriate to CYUT. In order to stabilize the rapid development of CYUT and to anchor our campus value, it is very important to perpetuate our sustainable administration, to play the dual role of inherited tradition and innovation, to amplify administrative development, and to expand the influence of teaching and scientific research. We have to shoulder this heavy duty and responsibility. Members of administrative team, faculty, students, and those enthusiastic educators for the development of CYUT—together, let's work hard and create our future so as to pursue excellence and then success follows.  


Brief History of the University

Brief History of the University


         Chaoyang University of Technology (CYUT) was founded in 1994 by Dr. Tien-Sheng Yang in memory of his parents and with the goal of educating elites. CYUT is located at Wufong, near Taichung City, a highly cultivated district. Covering an area of 66.4 hectares on a luscious green mountain, CYUT occupies a commanding position and overlooks remarkable landscape towards Taichung city.

           CYUT's pre-opening office was established in 1988. Then, in 1994, CYUT began to admit students. The name 「Chaoyang」 symbolizes the university facing the sun and its vigorous growth. With 「diligence, character and action」 as its motto, the students are expected to be active, self-motivated and hardworking. It is easy for a university to cultivate students' professional knowledge and skills. However, it is much more difficult to educate students to be polite, care for others, and to respect themselves.  CYUT places great importance to the cultivation of students' character and the establishment of a friendly and professional campus, where Chaoyang students can grow to be healthy and strong, and become professionals welcomed by their respective industries and by society in general.

          In its first year, Chaoyang comprised of 8 departments with over 900 students enrolled. Due to its commitment to outstanding achievements, in 1997, Chaoyang was designated by the Ministry of Education as a University of Technology, the highest level in the polytechnic educational system within the R.O.C. This designation coming only three years after the establishment of the school in 1994 as Chaoyang Institute of Technology set a record within the educational history of Taiwan, a record that remains unbroken.


  Currently, the University comprises of 5 colleges and 23 departments, that offer 23 master's programs and 5 doctoral programs. The number of students currently enrollment is over 17,000, and the faculty and staff is about 600 in total. CYUT's excellent teachers and facilities have been readily receiving recognition. With its goal of becoming a mid-large type of institution of higher learning. 

         To face the ever-changing world and rapid technological development, the curriculum of the four-year university courses is no longer enough to prepare the student for their future. Therefore, the curriculum design and teaching methods needs constant renewal of thoughts to keep up with the needs of the respective industries. Only after cultivating the talents that industry needs can it be possible that our students obtain employment as soon as they graduate and adapt to working life. To that end, starting from 2008, CYUT has been setting into action a Teaching Quality Management (TQM) system where opinions from students (including graduates), alumni, and industry are combined to improve teaching content and methods. In addition, active cooperation with industry has been undertaken to connect research with the application to help solve problems. Moreover, students' internship has become more efficient through planning and cooperation with the industry which provides the students with practical experience.

         The system of higher learning is facing its most difficult and important time; there are not only new challenges, but also new opportunities and hope. With the foundation of our research and teaching that have been developed on the unity and harmony of Chaoyang people, CYUT will continuously reform its curriculum and teaching methods through its professors' commitment to being the best, innovative concepts, with the hope of enhancing students' competitiveness through both theory and practice. In the meantime, new visions will be explored and implemented through deep investigation into management of higher learning, efficiency of professional learning, cooperation with the industry, globalization as well as pursuit of excellence in renovation.

         After all, the establishment of a substantial, vocational education cannot remain a slogan; it takes courage and perseverance to initiate, and willpower to accomplish, in order for vocational education to become driving force for social stability, and a value for modern civilization. Let us walk hand in hand and bring Chaoyang's excellent team spirit into full play. Let us with firm and down-to-earth steps create splendid efficiency in running the university, and push CYUT forward to become the benchmark of vocational education in Taiwan.


The Emblem of CYUT

The University Motto and Emblem


Diligence: Earnest study in pursuit of the truth

Character: Self-cultivation to add strength of character

Practice: Self-discipline in service to the public


Chairman, Board of Trustees of CYUT (Founder of CYUT )



  1. Chairman, Ever Fortune Industrial Co., Ltd.
  2. Chairman, Poding Culture & Education Foundation
  3. Chairman, Taiwan Provincial Poding Social Welfare Public Service Charities Foundation
  1. Representative, the 1st-Term National Assembly, and Chairman, the 1st-Term National Assembly Committee
  2. Chairman, Chang Sheng Power Company. (Hai-hu Power Plant in Taoyuan)
  3. General Director, Chinese National Federation of Industries
  4. President, Construction Engineering Association of the R.O.C.
  5. President, Taiwan Provincial Construction Engineering Association
  6. President, Taiwan Provincial Industrial Association
  7. President, Taiwan Provincial Leather Association
  8. President, Taichung County Industrial Association
  9. President, Table Tennis Association of the R.O.C.
  10. Founder, Pan Asia Bank
  11. Chairman, Chang Sheng International Development Co., Ltd.
  12. Chairman, Yue-Mei International Development Co., Ltd. (Yamay World)

Former Board Chairman

Former Board Chairman


  1. President, Headquarter of China Youth Corps
  2. General Director, Taiwan Provincial Committee of Kuomintang Party
  3. Director, Organization and Development Committee, Central Committee of KMT
  4. President, Broadcasting Corporation of China
  5. National Policy Advisor (to Dr. Teng-Huei Lee, the Formal President of the R.O.C.)

School Value

In its policies and administration, the University upholds the following values and requires the following programs:
It values professional knowledge, a global perspective, communication and cooperation, and the ability to make timely use of all relevant information.
It emphasizes proper conduct, professional ethics, good judgment, and a responsible attitude.
It requires all students to complete a labor education program in order to develop a balanced physical and mental work ethic.
It instills self-discipline and self- respect in the students, and cultivates their ability to live and study as independent and autonomous individuals.
It emphasizes academic exchange in order to combine local and international strengths and raise academic standards.
It will establish technical research and development centers, and provide service to industry through technical cooperation.

Educational Goals

It should respect academic freedom, uphold the dignity of education,and foster an ethical and democratic learning environment.
It should develop skilled professional with high standards of ethics and character, to meet the needs of society.
It should put the school motto of "Diligence, Betterment, and Practice" into Practice.
It should emphasize practical teaching and research in order to fulfill the goals of polytechnic education.
It should promote exchange and cooperation among industry, government, and academic to raise the standards of industry.
It should give ourselves to Taiwan, transcend Asia, and challenge the world, always seekingexcellence.

Organizational Chart

Distinguishing Features of CYUT and Our Mission

         Chaoyang offers the society with well educated students characterized by integrated intellectual, physical, social, moral, and spiritual development. The University also strives to serve the society through various academic programs and community services. Aided by extensive scientific research and academic exchanges, Chaoyang is committed to the pursuit of promoting the well-being of the human family and strengthen world integrity. 
Chaoyang values professional knowledge, a global perspective, communication and cooperation, and the ability to make timely use of all relevant information.
Chaoyang emphasizes proper conduct, professional ethics, good judgment, and a responsible attitude.
Chaoyang requires all students to complete a labor education program in order to develop a balanced physical and mental work ethic.
Chaoyang instills self-discipline and self-respect in the students, and cultivates their ability to live and study as independent and autonomous individuals.
Chaoyang emphasizes academic exchange in order to combine local and international strengths and raise academic standards.
Chaoyang establishes technical research and development centers, and provides service to industry through technical cooperation.


Mission Statement

Chaoyang respects academic freedom, upholds the dignity of education,and fosters an ethical and democratic learning environment.
Chaoyang develops skilled professional with high standards of ethics and character to meet the needs of society.
Chaoyang puts the school motto  "Diligence, Betterment, and Practice" into Practice.
Chaoyang emphasizes practical teaching and research in order to fulfill the goals of polytechnic education.
Chaoyang promotes exchange and cooperation among industry, government, and academic to raise the standards of industry.
Chaoyang is committed to rooting Taiwan, approaching internationalism, and sustainable development as its vision.



Mission Statement

Land Capacity and Building Area

Land Capacity

66.4 hectares

Building Area

         Currently the University comprises 12 facilities, namely the Administration, Information, Science and Engineering, Teaching, Humanities and Technology, Design and Management Building, Poding Memorial Library, the Freshman dormitories, Parking Building, the Kindergarten and the athletics Building, with the total floor space of 157,428 square meters, a 400 meter athletic field, basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts for physical education and leisure activities.

Land Capacity and Building Area

Introduction Video

Creative, Outstanding and Engaging

「The premier school for the digital age—Chaoyang University of Technology」.


Teaching Excellence and Learning Autonomy;
Remarkable Teaching and Excellent Facilities
Specialized Curriculum , and Unique Departments 院系發展影音簡介下載.wmv院系發展影音簡介下載.wmv院系發展影音簡介下載.wmv
Multiple Learning Resources
Academic Exchange ; Globalization ; Innovation
The Innovation and Incubation Center—
stationed in the Central Taiwan Science Park to
upgrade Research and Development capabilities
Neat, Bright-green, and European-style Campus
Excellent Campus