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Extension of book due date for summer vacation

Starting from June 11, 2024 (Tue), borrowed books (including renewals) will have their due dates extended until September 24, 2024 (Tue). Readers who borrow books on or before June 10, 2024 should extend their due dates after June 11, 2024 or return by the original due dates.

Make sure all your books are renewed before the summer break and your record shows the new due date. If not, it tells that the books are either overdue, renewed three times, reserved, or not from the scope of long-term borrowing. In this case, you should return the books or multimedia materials before the deadline to avoid fines. You can use the 24-hour book return machine near the library entrance. The attached file shows the detailed renewal steps.

The new due date does not apply to fresh graduates, cross-school readers, or community users. Part-time teachers and those who postpone graduation should approach the library counter for an extension. You may contact the Reader Services Section at ext. 3151 or 3152 for inquiries.


  1. Reserved books, Further Studies & Careers Information books, multimedia materials, and books from the 5F Leisure Area are not eligible for long-term borrowing.
  2. Graduates shall follow the originally scheduled due date. If graduation is postponed, please approach the library counter to process an extension.
  3. For part-time teachers needing long-term loan services, please complete the 'Application Form for Short-term Extension Borrowing Request for Part-Time Teachers' and submit it to the library counter for processing.
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